The Best and Fast Reliable DIA Service Chicago Based Service Provider Powers Businesses Worldwide

If you are running a global business with your headquarters in Chicago and rely heavily on the internet for almost all your operations, then reliability, speed and bandwidth of the internet connection assumes prime importance. Your first choice is Dedicated Internet Access or DIA as it is known. At the lower end you have T1 line with speeds of 1.5 Mbps whereas an OC-192 line allows speeds up to 10 Gbps at corresponding prices. Regardless, when you choose a service provider you want reliability through built in redundancies and managed services in the background.

One of the best and fast reliable DIA Service Chicago can boast of is provided by Starpoint. DIA is perfect for voluminous transmission of data and for video, graphics or audio data or for environments where many users connect simultaneously in a LAN or WAN network. A typical DIA connection has two components. One is the local loop and another is the DIA port. The local loop connects client to the service provider and the DIA port connects to the internet through the T1/OC-192 line. Quality of hardware components does make a difference to reliability and speed.  Quality works at different levels:

  • Quality of data center in that it has redundant power supplies for 24x7x365 uninterrupted operation and 100% availability at all times
  • Quality of hardware used such as Dell servers, Cisco routers and appropriate hardware/software mix from top level vendors assures high speed and high bandwidth
  • Starpoint provides redundancy in connection to the internet which translates to total reliability and fail-safe operation. In mission critical applications such as ecommerce or stock trading or online transactions, this factor is crucial.
  • Managed services are essential to assure reliability since a team is always monitoring performance and takes corrective action should an error occur.


As a user you may not be concerned about what goes on in the background. It is for the service provider such as Starpoint to configure automatic line fail over and switching, load balancing of traffic, data compression and encryption as well as VPN security for peace of mind of users and assured availability. If you are looking for fast reliable DIA service Chicago has the finest in Starpoint in terms of quality of service, infrastructure, equipment and personnel. You could also consider response time as a factor. It does take time to set up a DIA service and a company like Starpoint takes the least amount of time to put systems in place and have you up and running at speed. Quality comes at a price and prices can be managed by volume operations, efficiency of staff and the right set of equipment. As a customer what you get in your DIA service includes high bandwidth dedicated access, custom SLA, monitoring, support for dual stack IPv4/IPv6, certified equipment BGP, IP address, mail, hosting and other related services. With this infrastructure Starpoint serves not only Chicago businesses with its DIA but also customers across the world.


VOIP PBX Service: Chicago

VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and PBX stands for private box exchange. It is a business telephone system that offers services like a usual PBX and uses LAN or WAN network.

VoIP PBX systems can shift calls between either VoIP or local lines or between VoIP and conventional telephone users, like a PBX would. A VoIP PBX system can be hardware based or a software system.

VOIP gateways can be aligned with typical PBX functionality to monitor their managed intranet and help in reducing long distance bills, better mobility, and improved redundancy.

Cloud PBX VoIP

VOIP PBX works in two different ways. It can either work as a hardware object, or, if taking into consideration its virtual role, it can work as a complete software system.

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol.

Some PBXs can be enabled for using multimedia communication (initiating and receiving voice and video calls over an IP network). The entire system uses improved encryption technology and proxy servers to generate call sessions over an existing internet network.

Virtual PBX services have the ability to host voice, video and data conferencing. A business can therefore work through distance without having to invest in any a additional software or hardware. Furthermore, virtual PBX systems offer online ways to trace call data, which can help with billing and planning.

An Overview On Web Hosting Control Panel

The control panel used for the purpose of web hosting is one of the most vital parts of ensuring your online presence. The control panel is software which is installed by the web host’s in their server. This software helps the service provider or the web host to control your web features. Through the means of the control panel, they ensure that user’s experience of using your website stays smooth and trouble free. Thus, if you are looking forward in creating the best website the aspect of the control panel cannot be ignored.

The selection

There are various kinds of Web Hosting Control Panel available in the market. You need to choose the panel in accordance with the platform that you are using. This aspect is getting developed with each passing day and thus the control panel is emerging to be easier to operate. There are various demos available in the market for the control panel. You can make use of the demo to know if you are comfortable in handling it or not. After that, you can choose the one that seems befitting to your need. Also, you have to be sure that you are comfortable using it.


Wrapping up

There are service providers that can present you with the best kind of Web Hosting Control Panel. You need to search out the one that is reliable in the market. They will make sure that your control panel experience is smooth and absolutely hassle free. They can also provide you with customized service.